Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our college education may soon be over, but the learning has just begun!

Today as I was browsing the Secondary Solutions Blog I came across a post about poetry. And since it is National Poetry Month I thought it was very fitting to blog about. I love poetry. Reading it, writing it, I just love it. So when I came across this post I was shocked. The post was titled 20 Fun Poem Types You've Never Heard Of. When I read the title I thought to myself, there is no way there are 20 poem types I have never heard of, but it turns out there is indeed! Have you ever heard of a Tyburn poem? How about a Naani? I think it would be so fun and different incorporating some of these types of poems into my classroom someday during national poetry month. Many students can say they were required to write a sonnet or a haiku in high school, but how many students have you heard say they wrote a Clerihew?

You learn something new every day.


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