Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Digital Resource

Today I received an email from my Special Education professor saying that he just began testing out a new technology called CorkboardMe. I had never heard of this tool before, so of course I was intrigued. CoarkboardMe is descibed as a Shareable sticky notes web-app and it could be used for just about anything. The app's slogan is, "the simplest way to manage life, work and play." If you would like to browse the website click HERE. On the home page to the website it demonstrates a few of the different uses for the app. You could use it for to-do lists, grocery lists, recipes, etc. My professor has chose to post important concepts that we have learned in class and we are permitted and encouraged to add our own sticky notes of questions or comments. In a way we are using it as an interactive study guide. Here is a youtube tutorial video for anyone that would like to learn more about CorkboardMe. Basically, it's like the sticky note gadget for desktops, but they are all confined to this website- that way your desktop isn't all cluttered with tons of sticky notes, and we can share them with others, which is helpful as an educational resource.
So feel free to check it out, I definitely see this as a tool that I could use someday in the classroom.


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  1. What an interesting resource. I could see students using this as a way to keep track of assignments. The only problem is they would have to have their laptop in class to create the post-its, otherwise they would be writing down the info on post-its, then typing it at home, which I guess defeats the purpose. Nonetheless, maybe they could use it as an organizational tool for homework, sports, activities, social life, etc. I think young adults would really like this tool.